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Having Problems with your Electronic Lock (Noke)?

  1. Push the white button on the latch first (The latch needs to be "woken up" before it will respond to your app).
  2. Look at your app and hit unlock.
  3. Once the button turns green on your unit, slide the latch to the left to unlock your unit. 
  4. Roll up the door and you're in!
  • Have the Noke App but it isn't functioning? Often problems with our electronic locks come down to cell phone technology issues. Try these tips:
  • Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. 
  •    - Turn Bluetooth ON (iPHONE)  (ANDROID)
  • Make sure your Location services are turned on. 
  •    - Turn your Location Services on - Google how to do this on your particular phone
  • Does your phone have service or Wifi? If not, try using our Wifi. Find the Wifi with 603 Storage in the name, and use the password: Storage@603!
  • Refresh the Storage Smart Entry App by hitting the circular arrow icon.  
  • You may need to update the app, by going into your settings, Apps, selecting the Storage Smart Entry App, and hit "update".
  • If all this does not work, dial 833-257-0240 to be connected to tech service for the company that manufactures the locks. Note: These are representatives of the company that makes the locks, not 603 Storage Employees.
  • The Noke App seems to be working but the Latch is not responding?
           CONTACT US about a Power Cycle or Battery Swap (you will need a code)

  • How to Power Cycle, and replace the battery, on a Noke Latch
              Use the Noke Tool

Having Problems with your Traditional Latch and Lock?

  • Most lock issues are the result of a sticky lock. We find the best trick is to simply jiggle the lock while you try to turn the key. If that doesn't work, please contact us so we can schedule a lock removal. There may be a fee for this service, depending on how fast you need it done.
    • If you need immediate access, you do have the option of hiring a locksmith at your own expense. 
    • Please be advised that you should never use a bolt cutter, or any tools, to open or remove a lock on a storage unit. You may be liable for any damage done if you use tools - and of course, the police may take notice if you are using tools to remove a lock!
If you are having trouble sliding the latch on your unit, there are 2 tips you can try:
  1. Find the handle for the storage door, located down by your feet. Use your foot to put a little down pressure on that handle while you slide the latch.
  2. If that does not work, try bouncing the door up and down very lightly while you try the latch again.
         - This Video has an example of this

  • If you have the latch open, but the door will not move up, something may have fallen against the unit from the inside. In this case some brute force may be needed - but be aware that things will likely fall out when you open the door.
  • In rare cases, the springs on the door may have broken. In that case, leave us a message, the unit will need the attention of our maintenance staff.

How to properly latch a storage unit (video)

what it means to be "Locked Open" (video)
      Why we can't fix it if your unit is "Locked Open"(video)


Is your unit overlocked?

  • Is your account current? If so, we will remove the overlock at our next site visit. If you need access immediately, then please email or text us for the Overlock code.
  • Have your code but having trouble removing the overlock? If so, please see below for tips and tricks on removing our overlock:
-To remove our overlock, line up the middle of the letters with the little black lines on the front side of the lock - the side with the lever over the tumblers.
- You can feel the tumbler drop into the groove when it's lined up properly. 
- Also, jiggle the entire lock while you try to move that little lever over the tumblers, it can be sticky.

   **To avoid a charge, return the removed overlock and red clasp to us by dropping it in the box by the office.

How to remove a 603 Overlock (video)

Signing your Rental Agreement online

How to Sign your Rental Agreement(video)