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October 27, 2017


Happy  Fall!  It is sad to see the summer end, but there is plenty to look forward to. The following are some things I plan on doing:

  • Jumping in the leaves (or literally falling into them due to the pure exhaustion of raking them all)

  • Carving a work of art into a pumpkin (or in my case, two triangles for the eyes, a triangle for the nose and a three tooth grin)

  • Pretending to be someone else for a day on the 31st (who doesn’t love that? When it is over, refer to the cartoon below)

  • Buying my own candy (since my son is too old to go trick or treating, it means I can no longer steal out of his plastic pumpkin when he’s not looking)

  • Going apple picking (I try to pick at least 2 apples to every cider donut I eat)

With  all that fun I am about to embark on, I do want to take a moment to remind you that fall is also a great time to clean out that garage.

Perhaps,  this is the year you would like to actually keep your car IN the garage and out of the winter weather. Where will you put all those summer things that are taking up space? If you’re like me, I get tired of the Ninja moves I must make when I open my car door and the rake decides to attack me in my own garage. And it is very embarrassing going to the ER after an argument with a lawn ornament (you never want to have to tell the doctor that you were brought down by a Knome while trying to park your car in the garage!)

How  about claiming that space back for your vehicle? Ever consider renting a storage unit close to your home? Why not store those tools you are not going to use until the Spring of 2018 (rakes, wheelbarrow, hoes, garden hoses, patio furniture, or those “cannot live without” lawn ornaments (i.e. those dangerous Knomes - admit it – you know what I am talking about!)

Or  how about the toys you enjoyed over the summer? Motorcycles, ATV’s, Pool accessories? Who needs to look at those during a winter blizzard and feel depressed? Store them safely at a nearby facility and dream of the day you can take them out again.

Do  you have a treasured vehicle that does not enjoy being left out in the snow or ice and do not have a place for it to live during those long winter months? We have a storage unit that your precious “Betty” (or whatever sweet name you have given to your marvelous metal) can call home, until you can see each other once again in the Spring.

If  any of these things sound familiar to you, please reach out and we can help you solve it. Also, check out these useful sites on storing some common things: 

  • Lawnmower or small engine tools:

  • Garden Hoses:

  • Cars:



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