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603 Storage December News

December 19, 2016


The Staff at 603 Self-Storage is getting ready for the holiday season! We understand this can be a busy and sometimes stressful time of the year, especially if you are moving as well!

Let us relieve some of that stress and make storing your belongings easy and convenient. We are happy to help you decide what size storage unit you need or assist in packing tips. For example, we suggest when packing your valuable belongings, to please use totes with secure lids versus cardboard boxes. Organizing the totes can be as simple as writing the contents on a piece of masking tape and applying the tape to the top and side of the totes. This is better than writing directly on the totes, as you may want to use those containers for other things in the future! If you are super organized and perhaps more of a visual person, you could buy specific colored totes for each room of your home (i.e. use red totes for the kitchen, blue totes for the bedroom, etc.).

Need a home for Santa and his reindeer? Self-Storage makes a great North Pole! Keep more room in your home and store all of your holiday decorations in a secure unit. Need some ideas on how to store those holiday lights? Try these 5 tips!

Holidays can be stressful - but always try to keep a sense of humor, as it really does help you get through it all!


Mark, Melissa, and Scott


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